Light easy snack that will compliment a large range of dishes or just eat them as they are!. We use our Pleurotus Pulmonarius grey oyster mushrooms in this recipe.

Springing into spring with warming weather hitting us and better things to do than being inside we have created a dish you can store for a long time to save time cooking that nibble food on the go. We have used both our Pleurotus Djamor, Pleurotus Pulmonarius oyster mushrooms in this recipe.

Anything smoked is delicious as it’s a comfort food. This week recipe is using our Pluerotus Pulmonaruis Oyster mushrooms drizzle with The House of Dumplings chilli oil, micro leaves and Wasabi Mayonnaise. All pond Bonnies Seaweed and Walnut wholegrain NZ oatcakes.

Compound mushroom butter is a fabulous addition to add to all kinds of hot food to create a melting flavoured butter sauce. We highly recommend it on steak and have a cut of Green Meadows Rump steak to work with. We have use Pleurotus Djamor pink oyster mushrooms for this recipe.

Over the next wee while we will be presenting to you a list of recipes combining beef and mushrooms. I wanted to start off with raw meat as the quality of Green Meadows Beef is outstanding. When considering making Tartare it’s important to use fresh quality ingredients and pick the best cut of beef eg… eye fillet.

This recipe is a lovely alternative from using liver to make Pâté and has a popping garlic mushroom flavour. You can use either our Pleurotus Djamor or our Pleurotus Pulmonarius mushrooms. In this recipe we used our Pleurotus Djamor mushrooms. We find the pink oyster mushrooms are better to use as they have a drier texture and meaty flavour. We have matched this Pâté with Bonnie Original Oatcakes so you get the full flavour of the mushrooms and a good healthy hit of wholegrain NZ oats.

One of New Zealand favourite food is meat pies!!!. Using Green Meadows Beef and our white oyster mushrooms we have created a steak and mushroom pie recipe. Yummy gourmet pies you can stock up on and freeze down for a rainy day.

We all love a tasty Jerky and this one is Vegan and very simple and quick to make. Eat as a quick snack or a means of adding intensity and umami to any dish!. You can use both types of our oyster mushrooms for this recipe. We have used 50/50 Pleurotus Djamor, Pleurotus Pulmonarius and matched with Bonnie Smoked Paprika wholegrain NZ oatcakes, House of Dumpling’s chilli oil and Zany Zeus creme fraiche.