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Get to Know Mushroom House

At Mushroom House, we're unlocking the potential of mushrooms to save the world. Mushrooms are organic powerhouses. A versatile superfood, but so much more. Mushroom House strives to unlock the potential of the humble mushroom through tasty mushroom innovations. We want to help New Zealand lead the world to a brighter food future, one bite at a time. With mushrooms?... Yes! With mushrooms!

Striving For a Rebalanced Food Future

Everything we do at Mushroom House is sourced locally, supporting New Zealand farmers and producers. We are committed to having the smallest carbon footprint possible while remaining 100% hand-crafted in New Zealand. We cultivate our oyster mushrooms through low-impact, organically aware methods.

The best part? Our Oyster Mushroom Chips are scrumptious!

Earth's Communication System

The mycelium in growing mushrooms is connected to the earth's mycorrhizal network, a natural communication web that links plants together. This fungi superhighway transfers nitrogen, carbon, water, nutrients, and minerals through the soil to the plants that need it most, rehabilitating the local ecosystem.

Get to Know Our Mushroom Snacks

Get those teeth crunching!

Healthy snacks are hard to find -- and it's even harder to find ones that taste good. But now that you've found Mushroom House, your search is over.

Mushrooms Are Healthy and Nutritious

Our Oyster Mushrooms Crisps are a healthy, tasty superfood that's high in nutrients. They're higher in protein than most vegetables, but they're still low in fat and calories. They add fibre, minerals, and amino acids to your diet. Great for vegans, mushrooms are the only non-animal source of vitamin D, which is critical for bone health. We have had our mushrooms tested for their vitamin D2 levels with a result of 185IU per 100g.  Studies have shown that mushrooms can also help turn disease into wellbeing. They can enhance immune function while providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection for cells. They can even inhibit tumour activity.

Our Crispy Oyster Mushroom Chips Are Delectable

Mushrooms aren't just a superfood -- they're also super delicious! Our Oyster Mushroom Chips have a mild, savoury flavour with a delightful crunch. They nearly melt on your tongue.

How do we make them so tasty? We've got decades of experience as chefs creating sumptuous dishes in the hospitality industry and we've created our own unique flavour profile. Plus, we use only the highest-quality fresh mushroom products

A Rebalanced Food Future

In addition to being a superfood, mushrooms can help cleanse damaged environments by processing waste and making the soil sustainable again. Plant-based foods and mindful local producers can help us to right some climate wrongs. Through mycoremediation, mushrooms are a renewable resource that can turn wood and agricultural waste into fertile soil and even break down herbicides. 

Mushrooms can also be made into furniture, packaging, housing insulation, or even leather!


You're in for a treat! Our crispy Oyster Mushroom Chips have a light,  umami flavour with an airy crunch. They're already a popular  Asian treat and now we're in a position to bring them to your table.

Eat them as a snack. Add them as a side with sandwiches. Sneak in another veg for your 5-a-day. Add aroma and crunch as a topping for salad. Grab a bowl for a savoury snack for bars and breweries. Add a new texture to your fruit and cheese board




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