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Mushroom House strives to unlock the potential of the humble mushroom through tasty mushroom innovations. We want to help New Zealand lead the way to a brighter food future, one bite at a time. With mushrooms?... Yes! With mushrooms!

With over 30 years of hospitality experience, we are proud to produce delicious mushrooms every week. Not only are they plentiful, but they're seriously tasty too!

Throughout many years, my name is Rochelle, and my fascination with cultivating mushrooms has remained steadfast. Exploring various Pacific Islands, I couldn't help but notice a significant need for urban farming initiatives in New Zealand. Among these travels, my journey to the Philippines with the Asian New Zealand Foundation stands out vividly. It was there that I first encountered a delectable packet of crispy mushroom chips, igniting a desire to bring such delights to New Zealand. Yet, upon delving into the logistics, importing them proved impractical due to cost constraints. Undeterred, I embarked on a journey of self-teaching, determined to master the art of mushroom cultivation.

Joined by my dashing husband, our mushroom-growing endeavour commenced in the warmth and humidity of our own bathroom, serving as our initial testing ground. With each success, our enthusiasm swelled, propelling us to expand operations into a section of my father's garage, meticulously ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations to cater to both the public and wholesalers. However, our tenancy was short-lived as parental arrangements shifted, prompting our relocation from Camborne after a mere eight months.

Fortune smiled upon us when we discovered a haven in Plimmerton, where we could reside and cultivate mushrooms simultaneously within a commercial space. The ability to craft mushroom products reminiscent of those savoured in the Philippines under one roof is a dream realised, marking a significant milestone in our journey.